Danger Mouse, Daniele Luppi – Two Against One (Feat. Jack White & Norah Jones)

Prieš kelis mėnesius pasirodęs Daniele Luppi ir „Danger Mouse“ projekto „Rome“ kūrinys „Two Against One“ kartu su Jacku White ir Norah Jones.


  1. Vladimir pakomentavo:

    Love Norah Jones music; I remember buinyg her first album 10 years ago (Come Go With Me), great album! Love the song Surise Sunset (reminds me of my darling Fiona 9/11). Thinking of you all the time Fiona honey and still BELIEVING in MIRACLES and in the kINDNESS and HELP of STRANGERS.LOVERainbowRayStill OPTIMISTICALLY OBTAININGStill SUfficiently AchievingStill Happily HumoringSill Diligently Dreaming

  2. Whoever edits and publishes these articles really knows what they’re doing.

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