Nauja „Blur“ daina

Britų muzikos prodiuseris, tokių projektų kaip „Blur„, „Gorillaz“ ar  visai šviežio kolektyvo „Rocket Juice & the Moon“ kūrybinis lyderis Damonas Albarnas savo pasirodymo Londone metu sugrojo naują kūrinį.

Nepatvirtintais duomenimis negirdėtasis kūrinys – tai nauja gandais apie galimą sugrįžimą pastaraisiais metais garsėjančios grupės „Blur“ daina.

Kūrinį galite perklausyti viršuje. Šiame video jis prasideda maždaug nuo 2.30 minutės.

Komentaras apie “Nauja „Blur“ daina

  1. Soosoo sako:

    I believe this is not besacue Dick Cheney92s residence is worthy of blurring, but besacue his residence is situated on a military base.It’s on the grounds of the US Naval Observatory, which is right in downtown DC (I drive by it all the time) and is not really a military base. Other DC-area military or military-type installations (e.g., the and ) are not blurred, nor is the White House or the Capitol (although the latter was apparently blurred at some earlier date).I’m not sure about other military bases, but a quick google search through some discussion boards filled with people who seem to be preoccupied with this (not that I’m one to talk) suggests that the only installations that are blurred are ones where the stuff that goes on there is utterly secret (as opposed to your regular old navy yard or air base). So, as much as I hate to admit it, I think the blurry spot in DC is all about Cheney. I suppose there could be some sort of air defense system there but how would it be more in need of concealment than the systems presumably protecting the other places I’ve mentioned?


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